What is Expertease Fitness?

Exfit is alternative gym specialized in dance and circus based fitness courses. They are a unique way to gain strength, flexibility, stamina and confidence. exfit curriculums have been honed over 5 years of practice, trial and error and student feedback. We are constantly improving our courses to create the best  fitness experience possible.


How Do I Sign Up for a Class?

All Exfit classes are reserved online through our easy step by step booking system. You can find " Book this class" buttons listed under each individual class description. For detailed instructions please see our How to Book an ExFit Class Section.

What is Your Age Requirement?

ExFit is an 18+ dance fitness studio- NO Exceptions 

I Have a Voucher, How Do I Use It?

Once you begin the process of booking a class online, you can apply your voucher number or code under the top right option on your booking screen. FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE SEE OUR Groupon SECTION.

Your Classes are Full What Can I Do?
We are proud of the quality of classes we offer at ExFit and part of that quality is intimate class size. We do sell out quite quickly and if your desired spot is taken for the current session we encourage you to sign up for the next! in the meantime please enjoy our
drop in classes

When is Your Next Session?
 Each session will be announced well In Advance. 
subscribe to our  newsletter to receive notification on when our next session becomes available.

Can I Do a Drop in Class?
Due to the structure of our classes
we do NOT accept drop ins for our regular session courses. We do however have several drop in based fitness classes that you may attend at your convenience via punch card or cash payment. We also allow observation of any class, free of charge, just inform the instructor upon your arrival. 

How Do I Make-Up a Missed Class?

Make ups are allowed at the students own discretion and "risk". If you miss a class you can attempt to attend a different time slot for that week's skills. *Note please inform the instructor ahead of time and remember there may not be enough equipment to accommodate you.

Expertease Fitness Classes

​We have over 30 classes in 9 Dance and Circus fitness disciplines. Our warm studio and friendly instructors provide a welcoming atmosphere in which a true sense of community grows every day. Students are guided through encouragement, positive language and expert attention. Our main motivator is laughter and we believe in the art of being you! There is something for everyone you just have to ask
“What’s your Expertease?”